How Writing Will Buy Me A House In 2023

Ted Moreno
3 min readJan 9, 2023

A few years ago, I hit the all too common plateau.

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Work was unfilling, my prospects were dim, and my last relationship was a trainwreck.

Life wasn’t what it could have and should have been. That realization prompted me to do the unthinkable.

Quit my job, become a writer, and earn that tasty internet money everyone is always talking about.

Around a year later, mid-pandemic, the opportunity to quit and do this full-time presented itself. And so I did it; I became a full-time writer and sussy imposter.

Finding your place on the internet

I’ve undergone many transformations as a writer in the last couple of years.

At first, I worked on travel pieces for a content mill.

Next, I became an independent writer on Medium, discussing anything that interested me. After writing about my weight loss journey, it felt like I could make a full-time income here. But that bubble burst.

Through UpWork, I started carving out a niche business in SaaS and project management. This turned out to be quite interesting (and profitable), so I doubled down and found a few clients in this area.

Eventually, I returned to independent work, this time creating videos about games I enjoyed. Luck struck, and I was able to monetize in 4 months, but that bubble burst too.

And finally, after trying to get into Newsbreak for over a year, I got my approval email. And this is my opportunity to get keys to my very own place.

Figuring out your path

My goal still remains the same, which is to work entirely independently. I still enjoy some of the SaaS and project management assignments that come my way, but I know in my heart this isn’t something I want to do forever.

Working on videos for YouTube has been the most fulfilling thing, but the time investment vs. the amount I…



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