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Ted Moreno


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Picture this: You’re going rock climbing. Scrambling the side of a cliff to reach destinations anew.

You wouldn’t attempt this without the proper equipment. Well, maybe you would, but I think we can all imagine how that will go.

Tools and equipment are the backbone of any endeavour and writing is no different.

At the start of a writing journey, everyone is in the same boat. No one really knows what to do, even if you have a fancy degree to show off.

You need to learn on the job, but if you want to make money quickly, you need to learn quick. And that’s where this article comes in to play.

I’ll share with you some of the best tools to help you write on Medium so you’re climbing the cliff unaided.

Journal and Workspace

As a writer you need a dedicated workspace to note all your ideas, track your progress, and collate reference materials.

And there’s only one app that’s worth it’s weight in gold. Notion.

Notion is a completely free all-in-one workspace that replaces just about every tool you can think of. Need a kanban board? Notion. How about a journal for your ideas? Notion.

It’s super cutomizable so you can use for everything from tracking income and expenses, to creating your weekly meal prep guide.

I use Notion to log all my freelance work in table that allows me to seperate tasks by client and I can group everything into each months pay range.

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What I like most is that I only needed to create one table and I’m able to set filters to show exactly what I need, when I need it. I follow my to-do list to ensure I’m meeting all my deadlines and confirm my capacity for more work.

And most importantly, I can quickly check how much I have made in any given month to ensure I’m on track. With just a click of a button I can flick between both tables.



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